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#1 1-06-19 ‘Be Faithful with Faith’ (Hebrews 11: 6; 12: 1-2)
Concept: When reading the word of God, we should see Jesus in every book. While reading the
Bible, always read with a playful heart asking the Holy Spirit to inspire you. With every ten chapters or scriptures you read, stop on a word or sentence to touch the deep need in
your heart. By doing this you will know God’s true wonder.

Questions :
1) What value of God has already become part of your faith?
2) Pray for one word of scripture that touches your heart daily. Would you speak that word to at least
one person every day?
#2 1-13-19 ‘Be Joyful with a Joyful Heart’ (1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18)
Concept: Joyfulness is a sign that can reflect if we are denying and rejecting the devil and all his works. On the other hand, it can show the reflection we truly have in Jesus, who died on
the cross for us. It also shows the reflection among the brothers and sisters in Christ, if
we are loving each other.

1) In general, are you always joyful or not? From today’s message, I’m inviting you to think it over and
be joyful.
2) Do you have any experience where you still have the joyfulness in Jesus Christ while you are suffering?
#3 1-20-19 ‘Outreach with Our Open Hearts’ (Matthew 10: 1, 6-13)
Concept: Most Christians have the willingness to share Gospel to others. The problem always comes with how to start, or if it’s already started, how can we continue it smoothly. Through my personal experience, in the past years of sharing the Gospel, I found a way to
share to others. I continually ask to pray for them and bless them. So far, whenever I ask in this way, it doesn’t matter who they are, they always say yes to me.

1) In your experience, when you pray for those unbelievers, what is the most impressive testimony
they’ve shared? Share to at least 1 to 3 people.
2) Through today’s message, can you learn something and apply it to help you share the Gospel to
those unbelievers?
#4 1-27-19 ‘Consider Concentration as Profession’ (Matthew 24: 45-51)
Concept: Considering God’s profession, concentrate on what God want us to do. First, be kind and care for others. Second, be faithful. Concentrate on what God assigned us to do and serve together as a team.

1) From God’s point of profession, can you share an example of concentration? How would you like
to serve in God’s church this coming year?
2) Do you think teamwork is helpful to you? If so, can you share one of your experiences?
#5 2-03-19 ‘Pass and Catch the Passion’ (John 14: 12-18)
Concept: When we talk about inheritance, it doesn’t necessarily have to happen when someone
passes away or retires, but happens in any circumstance and at all times. Inheritance is about passing and catching, not only in a group of people, but to all those who love to repent, believe, and follow Jesus. Inheritance is not something outside, but is in the life
of Christ in us. This is the authentic meaning of the Great Commission. also, it is the reason why Christian and church exist together in this world.

1) Can you share at least one circumstance you would like to pass or catch in this year?
2) When we talk about ‘blessed others’ have you ever received any inspiration from the Holy Spirit?
Did you put it into action? And, what was the outcome?