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Sermon Series

What Does God Want Us To Be As His Church

#1 1-06-19 'Be Faithful with Faith' (Hebrews 11: 6; 12: 1-2) Concept: When reading the word of God, we should see Jesus in every book. While reading the Bible, always read with a playful heart asking the Holy Spirit to inspire you. With every ten chapters or...

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‘Let Jesus Be Your Comforter’ (Matthew 5: 4)

Concept – To mourn is not a blessing, but to get comfort from Jesus while mourning is to receive the true blessing.  Through this blessing we can share the blessings to others.                                            Something to think about – 1)  Has Jesus ever...

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‘Live in the Glory of Jesus’ (Matthew 5: 6)

Concept – When we are away from the image, glory, and righteousness of God, we will feel hunger and thirst.  Once we have recovered our fallen image back to the image of God, and live like the human that God created, only then will we be filled.  Something to think...

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